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Ann Arbor Nursery Inc. is a non-sectarian preschool cooperatively operated by and for its members since 1938. Our mission is to create a friendly and safe environment for children to grow and learn, to develop independence, self confidence, self-awareness, and awareness of others. The preschool provides structured opportunities to develop decision-making skills. The parents and the teacher work together to guide the children to explore and develop cognitive, social, emotional, and creative capabilities through the magic of play; parents become better teachers to their children by participating first hand in their child’s education. We are committed to high-quality education at a low cost. Ann Arbor Nursery Inc. is a nurturing community in which families share the responsibility for the education of their children.

Ann Arbor Nursery is proud to announce we are an allergy friendly environment

Ann Arbor Nursery has added a new policy which will keep our school safe for all children. By requesting snacks brought in are only of the fresh fruit and vegetable variety, we can remain nut-free and gluten-free, making a fun and safe environment for all children

Information and Events

First day of school:

Monday, Sept. 10, 2018

We are currently accepting applications for both classes
for the 2018-2019 year

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Please contact us for more information or to schedule a tour at membership@a2preschool.org or call 734-769-7966

You can also visit us on Facebook at Ann Arbor Nursery, A Cooperative Preschool


The Benefits of Being Part of a Co-operative School

"Being in the classroom gives parents a chance to see how their child interacts with others, how other children behave, and how teachers respond in a developmentally- appropriate way."

"Cooperative schools, because of the way the school has been organized, follow an empowerment model for parent involvement. Parents are not seen as a threat or as something that’s slowing down the learning process, as is implied in the deficit model, but as playing an integral role in their child’s or children’s education."

From: Learning Together: A Case Study of a Cooperative School’s Approach to Education (Link opens in new window)