Classroom Enrichment

Sharing culture and traditions

Parents are invited and encouraged to share their diverse culture and traditions with our students in a variety of ways. Member families have shared careers, hobbies, talents, foods, and special cultural experiences. These activities occur in conjunction with planned curriculum during the school day, incorporating art, literacy and hands-on activities. Some examples that our members have shared in the past include: learning to use chopsticks, sewing, making leis, creating Caribbean plant art, and sharing Polish food.

International Night

International Night celebrates the various cultures and experiences of AANI families. Member families bring food, games or crafts to represent a country they have traveled to, are interested in, have lived in, or have ancestors from. International Night is an interactive evening with food to sample, games to play and crafts to make from all around the world. At the end of the evening, we have an international parade with children carrying flags they made to represent their countries and a world-themed piñata.

International Students

We have been fortunate to support international families who are visiting the Ann Arbor area for extended periods of time. We welcome the chance to offer our cooperative preschool experience to other cultures, to learn from them, and build friendships and relationships from citizens of different countries.